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About us

The Shiv Lok PG Hostel was started in 2017 by the Founder Director Mr. Girish Joshi, who has taken Post Graduation Degree of M.Com. and MBA(F), and having 20+ years of rich Senior Level Industry Experience, that too not only in India, but a global experience. Lastly he had been working at Kenya with Kamili Packers Ltd. as General Manager. This was the love & affection in the heart of Mr. Joshi towards his country India, that he came back with a vision in his eyes that he will live in the soil of India only and do something here.

He wanted to do something, that would really provide a service to the nation. Vadodara is an Education Hub, and a lot of students come here from other cities / villages. So Mr. Joshi decided to provide a Quality Stay Service to those students.

With this vision, Shiv Lok PG Hostel was started in 2017. And we can proudly say that now "Shiv Lok PG Hostel" is one of the best Paying Guest Hostel for Boys / Mens' / Males at Vadodara.


Our Mission is that every person, who is coming from another city / village to Vadodara for either study purposes or for earning his livelihood, should get a quality accommodation within a reasonable price.


This way we wish to contribute to the development of our great country - India.


Our Vision is very clear. We don't compromise in Quality. Further, Customer Satisfaction is the Top Priority for us. So we always urge for providing the best Quality Service to our Clients.

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Our Awards & Certificates

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Food at Shiv Lok

शुद्ध, सात्त्विक एवम शाकाहारी भोजन :


गाय के शुद्ध देशी घी तथा उत्तम क़्वालिटी के तेल में बना हुआ, उत्तम क़्वालिटी का स्वादिष्ट भोजन.

ब्लड-प्रेशर तथा डायबिटीज से बचाव - साधारण नमक हम नहीं इस्तेमाल करते,

हम सिर्फ सेंधा नमक (सिंधव) ही इस्तेमाल करते हैं.

Pure, SATTWIK and Vegetarian Food :

At Shiv Lok PG Hostel, Cow’s Pure Desi Ghee and Good Quality Oil is used in Food.

You get safety from Blood-Pressure & Diabetes - we don't use Ordinary Salt.

We use Rock Salt (SENDHA NAMAK / SINDHAV) only.

That's why, every time you get Best Quality Tasty Food.


You get the same food, that we eat at our home.

YES - we are eating the same food, that is being offered to you.

Now you can imagine the quality of food.

YES - it's the best quality food.

Everything is just chosen just best from the market - may it be vegetables, pulses, wheat flour, oil, ghee, masale, or anything else.

Further if you want to eat something outside someday, every type of food is available in the vicinity - may it be Gujarati, Punjabi, Chinese, Continental, South Indian or something else.

Zomato and Swiggy are providing Door Delivery to our place. 

But take note that we don't allow the following things at our premises :

  • Non-Veg food,

  • Cigeratte, Bidi or any type of Smoking,

  • Wine, Beer or any type of Alcoholic Drinks

  • Gutkha, Pan Masala, Padiki, etc.

  • Any other Illegal or Immoral activity.

*** Thanks & Regards ***

Celebrate your Special Day

Come, Celebrate your Special Day with us.

Our guests (Tenants / Paying Guests) enjoy here a lot. We provide a huge Space to celebrate their Special Day, e.g. Birthday... A celebration here becomes a Memory in their life. We always try to make their Special Day REALLY SPECIAL... 

Shiv Lok PG Hostel is proud to offer a selection of spaces and services suitable for every kind of event or celebration to our residents. Our PG Residents have celebrated here their Birthday and other Special Day Events. 


Widely recognized for our convenient facilities, we guarantee to have the perfect venue for your next big day. Contact our officials to hear more about our services and solutions.

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