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2023 - Achievements

2023 - A normal business year - long awaited after the Corona.

The Corona period - it was really horrible. People were dying. The 1st preference before people was to survive - to be alive... All the businesses - throughout the world were at the doorstep of closing, were incurring a huge loss. The world suffered a lot during that period.

And after a long wait, Corona was now over. Slowly we all picked up our normal speed in life, in our careers, in our jobs, in our businesses... After a long wait, people went for tours, went on family vacations, students started their routine studies...

And we also picked up our speed. We tried really hard - and the most important - we remained HONEST... And the proverb realized for us - "Honesty is the best policy". Yes, due to our devotion, due to our best services to our clients, due to our positive attitude, we got several achievements.

The most important thing that we followed, was that we decided that all the boys coming to us, are coming - leaving their family behind. So it becomes our MORAL DUTY to provide them a FAMILY ATMOSPHERE. And we did it. We put our best efforts to provide them the same LOVE and AFFECTION, that should be there in a FAMILY.

And we did it. We created a very good Family atmosphere here - at Shiv Lok PG Hostel.

Given above are some of our Achievement Certificates - some from Google, some from Govt. of India...

For your perusal please...


Girish Joshi


Shiv Lok PG Hostel


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